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Want to get rid of that everlasting pain? Jaipur Rehab can help you.

Physiotherapy can't just be explained through words; it needs to be felt; that's why at Jaipur Rehab, Dr. Himanshu Mathur, a physiotherapist in Jaipur, works his best to give his patients the ultimate physiotherapy experience.
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  • Post Surgery pain
    Professional assistance for your post-surgery recovery by a reputed physiotherapist in Jaipur.
    Sports Injury
    Don’t let an injury be a setback in your career. Recover and Restart with our help.
    Our personalized treatments make the healing process smoother and help the patient get back to normal.
    Neck Pain
    Ignoring the pain can worsen the condition. Get in touch with us for proper diagnosis and treatment.
    Shoulder Pain
    Not all the burden can be handled by your shoulders. Destress them at our physiotherapy center in Jaipur
    Low Back Pain
    Prolonged sitting and lousy posture affect your back, creating long-term problems. Get help NOW.
  • Knee Pain
    Knee Health is vital as you age. Physiotherapy will ensure good health of your knee.
    Ankle Sprain
    Sprained ankles are common, but not treating them properly can lead to major injury.
    Jaw Pain
    Jaw pain can be a common symptom of toothache, or even a heart attack. Get it checked now.
    Deformity Correction
    Deformities are genetic and can be treated with the proper exercises and therapy.
    Corporate Fitness
    Enhance your staff's well-being and productivity with periodic Physiotherapy sessions.
    Geriatric Rehabilitation
    Special care for the elderly—distinctive physiotherapy sessions for best results.
  • Postural Correction
    Improper posture is a severe health issue often ignored by people leading to various body disorders.
    ACL Injury Physiotherapy
    Surgery is not the only option. Heal naturally with the help of physiotherapy.
    Joint Replacement Physiotherapy
    Minimize the complications and improve your functionality after your Joint replacement.
  • I had a very nice experience with Doc Mathur. He is very knowledgeable person and at the same time has a good amount of patience to listen to your issues. He understood my problem properly and worked hard with me to rectify the shoulder pain. I could see the result right after 3rd session. He is v supportive over phone as well and this makes him very approachable. I recommend him for any type of physiotherapy need.
    — prashant pokharna.
  • Dr Himanshu’s physiotherapy practice is superb! I have been to many physiotherapists, but none of them were able to help me as much as Dr Himanshu. He is a very knowledgable doctor and was able to understand my injury quickly, and then determine the best way to move forward.
    — Ritvik Jain.
  • I'm undergoing therapy at this clinic and feel relieved from my long standings knee pain. He cured my 2year old knee early arthritis pain within 20 day. Lots and lots good blessing and thanks.
    — Dimpel Verma.
  • Few days back, I was doing yoga and suddenly my back severely sprained. I was not able to move even. I came to Dr. Himanshu Mathur and by his treatment just in 7 days I am back on my regular schedule without any pain and now I am able to move in all directions. Thanks to Dr. Himanshu. Highly recommend to everyone.
    — Bhim Munjal.
Kind words from our patients

Why Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a much safer and better alternative to surgery. According to studies, people who opt for physiotherapy are less likely to have surgery in the future. Even if a patient is required to be operated on, pre and post-physiotherapy sessions are recommended for better recovery.

Why Jaipur Rehab?

At Jaipur Rehab, we can help you with our tried and tested treatments that involve regular exercise, massages, heat therapy, electrotherapy, and much more.
We understand the pain you go through every day, so we recommend you get to our clinic to attend a physiotherapy session and feel the difference for yourself.
Looking for a physiotherapist in Mansarovar Jaipur? Dr. Himanshu at Jaipur Rehab is there to help you.
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Dr . Himanshu mathur (physiotherapist ) is a board certified Family Medicine physio who provides primary care

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Shop No. 4, Patrakar colony Road, Goliyawas, Opposite Anand Mahal Marriage Garden, Jaipur, 302020, Rajasthan
Our years of expertise and professional care will help you get back on track so that you can live a life without pain.
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